Yesterday I Ate Perhaps Two Dozen Shrimps

I ate what had to be at least 20 shrimps and left only 3 in a Ziploc bag for Ryan.

I told Ryan this on his facebook wall to perhaps “lighten the mood” because I realized (after I ate the shrimps) that he may have been looking forward all day (like I was) to coming home and eating all those shrimps.

Well, Ryan had been looking forward all day to eating the shrimps. And when he came home, I felt bad partly because eating all those shrimps was unthoughtful of me, and also because eating all those shrimps was making me sick.

I was asleep on the couch when Ryan came home. I groaned from the leftover shrimp taste in my mouth.

He told me as punishment I had to do the shrimp dance.

So I did. Even though I was sick.


6 Replies to “Yesterday I Ate Perhaps Two Dozen Shrimps”

  1. Poor Ryan… Shrimp are way good after all. But perhaps the Shrimp dance is better. What IS the shrimp dance anyway?
    And by that way, if this is where you post the non-fiction, do you have any place where you post your fiction? Hope y’all are doing well!

    1. Carey! Good to hear from you. I do not post my fiction yet…..YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT ;)

      Someday I’ll start a creative writing blog….I’ll let you know.

      (And the shrimp dance can’t be explained in words…)

  2. 1. I love that I took the picture at the top of your site.
    2. Was it really 20? gross and fishy yet delicious.
    and 3. I did that once with Oreoes. Shrimp is much more sophisticated, even if you did have to do a shrimp dance.

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