An Unlikely Conversation

Yesterday I had what I thought was a piece of peppercorn stuck between my front two teeth. (Ryan and I have a pepper grinder, which causes much excitement in our little household….)

As I walked with Ryan to his volleyball locker and then up to campus, we met many of his friends I had not met before UNFORTUNATELY. While I introduced myself, I had to make sure my top lip covered the piece of peppercorn stuck in between my teeth.

Well, Ryan was laughing at me all the while and when we reached the top of the stairs, I said, “Is the peppercorn still there?”

He said, “Yes. But it’s not a peppercorn. It’s a bread seed.”

You know, the little seeds on the crust of bread.

(Only a man who eats five loaves of bread a week understands the difference between a peppercorn and a “bread seed.”)


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