ATTN: I Think You Should Reconsider

I will admit that I entered a lame essay contest and that I didn’t receive any of the awards. I wrote back to the generic rejection email and said,

“Interesting. I think you should reconsider,

Tara Boyce.”

I know they won’t reconsider. But I’m glad I told them they should.

Anyway, I’m thinking about skipping out on grad school for now and becoming a teacher and throwing my own essay contests. UVU post-baccalaureate teaching applications are due tomorrow……..


4 Replies to “ATTN: I Think You Should Reconsider”

  1. When you become a teacher and start throwing essay contests for your 2nd graders, I will slip mine in there and it will be way better than everyone else’s, and I will win. But actually I don’t see you as a 2nd grade teacher. More like high school. And they could potentially beat me in an essay contest. So I’m going to have to find some other outlet for my award needs.

    1. Hahahahaha! Just put your name on the essay and I will give you the award. That way, I can teach my students that life is full of rejections and that sometimes, you just gotta quit and redirect your goals to more practical and reachable ones.

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