“Oh, DO I Have Teaching Experience…”

So I actually did submit an application to UVU’s teaching certification program. Although for other reasons than the essay rejection letter.*

While I was applying, I reflected on the teaching experience I DO have:

  1. Teaching a classroom of beanie babies and stuffed animals their ABCs.
  2. Teaching a classroom of bored and distracted and crying baby siblings their primary songs.
  3. Teaching a group of middle school friends how to get out of doing house chores on Saturdays.
  4. Teaching a broom with duct taped hangers (for arms) how to slow dance to “I Can See Clearly Now…the Rain IS Gone,” which isn’t actually a slow song.
  5. Teaching Ryan how to put a toilet seat down.

Is it coincidence that my whole life has prepared me for this UVU teaching program?

*For the record: I woke up last Sunday with a feeling to reconsider my current schooling options. I had been planning on getting my master’s in Creative Writing…but for some reason I felt like I needed to consider finances and helping out my future babies because I want 100 (plus I don’t need a degree in anything to write). Teaching kept popping up in my head (more than usual) so I checked out UVU’s website. They have a post-baccalaureate teaching certification program that takes about a year to finish, then student teaching. The applications were due that Friday, so I figured, Hey, good timing, I should apply.


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