Shakes and Circle Lights

I fell in love again, this weekend.

We were sitting at an outside table sticky with whipped cream and fry sauce, sharing pie shakes, looking at circle lights against a night sky, sipping and sipping until our tummies almost burst, hearing a banjo and an acoustic guitar and a girl’s lonely voice singing American folk songs and hymns from a rooftop behind us.

I fell in love with whipped cream so light I thought it might float into a cloud; with circle lantern lights strung across a balcony, the circle lights my Scandinavian grandmother hangs from her ceilings; with America and faith and being good even when you’re alone, like the girl singing about her God. I fell in love, again, with an October rain sky, sweet with smells of wet leaves and straw grass and cinnamon; with the boy who sat beside me, his eyes popping as he sipped banana cream pie through a straw!–the boy I met in a Fall similar to this one, four years ago, who taught me how to fall in love over and over and over and over again.


8 Replies to “Shakes and Circle Lights”

    1. Jamie! We have yet to start our married wives club! How long are you in Provo for? I remember reading something about your husband doing really well on his MCAT?

      1. We will be in Provo for sure until May, and probably most of next Summer before we move somewhere for med school. I was just thinking about the married wives club as I was browsing through your wedding pics on facebook. I love your dress! Just give me the word on the club and I’ll be there. My schedule is pretty open these days.

  1. if i could describe your writing, it would be “wispy.” its real and true and soul-stirring–but feels amazingly effortless and the same time. i LOVE that.

    and for some reason, i also REALLY love the comma in the first sentence.

    P.S. sammy’s = the bomb. and banana cream pie = the best pie shake.

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