Update on the Ghost Story

So the story sucks, I am aware of this. I finished a draft yesterday because I have an English paper and three MORE stories due by Thursday. (FYI: NO story is worth reading if it’s written in a day.)

Also, it’s not really a ghost story. It’s about a man haunted by what he thinks might be ghost, but by the end we’re not really sure (this includes me–which is BAD) if it’s really a ghost or if it’s just him feeling guilty and obsessed with this woman from his past.

Anyway, yesterday I was getting myself in a creeped out mood when I had to go to the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom, but decided to take my laptop with me. (Because by this time, I am completely absorbed by this “ghost” and I don’t want to take a break from it.) I was sitting on the toilet typing when Ryan opened the door to tell me about an A he got on a test.

Honest to goodness, I screamed like Lloyd on Dumb and Dumber.


3 Replies to “Update on the Ghost Story”

  1. Don’t tell Seth, but he specifically asked me to NEVER EVER take his new ipad into the bathroom, and I did it anyway. Partly to defy him and partly for entertainment purposes.

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