I Am Mourning My Husband’s Death

Today I wore all black on purpose. Black jeans, black shirt, black jacket. (Oh, and pink shoes.)

Ryan left this morning with his volleyball team for Canada. He won’t be back until Sunday night.

I know, three nights and four days is a very long time.


4 Replies to “I Am Mourning My Husband’s Death”

  1. Tara- All of your posts are so funny! We need to hang out when they leave again. Whenever Jeff goes out of town I usually stock up and eat all of the good food that Jeff usually eats all of when he’s here lol…….it helps

    1. Hahahaha Kiley, I love that idea. And I usually lose weight when Ryan leaves because I don’t cook anything. When he’s home though, I eat more than half the casserole dish….because, well, it’s there.

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