“Very Superstitious, the Devil’s on His Way”

I get this text from one of my best friends (Juliana Thong) today: “The weirdest things are happening around me and I just don’t understand why.”

So, of course, I text her back: “You have to explain.”

So she sends me this:

“This guy sticks his arm in the elevator doors when it is just about to close and it slams on his arm but he acts like he’s fine.

Then I’m waiting at the crosswalk from the Tanner building to campus and the guy walks straight into me and hits me in the head with his shoulder.

Then this other guy passes me right after with his jacket like…you know when someone puts a basketball on top of their head and then puts a jacket on to look like the basketball is their head? It was like that on him, except no basketball.

This all happened in like 8 minutes and it is weirding me out.

But now I’m sitting and nothing weird should happen.”

This is what I will tell Juliana:

“Don’t be so naïve, Juliana. These things don’t ‘just happen’ and they don’t ‘just happen’ while you’re standing. Sitting down means nothing to Halloween.”


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