Bathroom Stalls

So today I was waiting in line, as I often do, for the girls’ bathroom. And this is what I started thinking: Why don’t we just build soundproof bathroom stalls? We’d all go in and out much quicker since we wouldn’t have to worry about being heard.

But then I started thinking: With soundproof stalls, there’s no sharing toilet paper if you happen to run out.

So currently I’m not entirely sure what I want, although I am leaning toward the soundproof walls, assuming people don’t take advantage of the soundproof walls and set up a recording system in there because that would defeat the entire purpose.

Side note: One time I had to ask a girl in the stall next to me if I could have some toilet paper because I was out. The girl said, “Are you serious?” To which I almost replied, “Lady, do you really think I’d be joking about this, at this time, in this place?”


5 Replies to “Bathroom Stalls”

  1. That is so funny that she asked you if you were serious- next time I am in a public bathroom I am going to ask for toilet paper just for fun. If she asks me if I am out I will just say -“nah! I just wanted some from your stall.”

  2. I vote for soundproof wall with a little two way compartment (like the two hotel rooms with adjoining doors) in case you ever need to barrow something from a neighboor!

  3. heh, heh.
    what about soundproof walls with a button you can push when you realize you are out of toilet paper and a double-sided drawer through which the person next door can pass you some spare squares?

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