I Kinda Like Christmas Music

People have to be careful when they say they love Christmas music because Christmas music is a very big category of music and includes music like this:

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” by Bob Dylan. (Click on this link and then play THIS song.)

“Mary Did You Know?” by ANYONE.

(But particularly R&B Clay Aiken style.)

Anyone else wanna share really bad Christmas music that ruins the genre?


8 Replies to “I Kinda Like Christmas Music”

  1. Hahahaha my home ward asks me and my sisters and mom to sing “Mary Did You Know” every year for Christmas Sunday and I HATE IT!!

  2. ummm Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey and the one where the little girl is singing about Santa dead and stuck in her chimney (hopefully I’m the only one who has ever heard that)

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