Job Grunting

Looking for jobs.

I have had two interviews so far. But I have this feeling that even if I get offered either one of those financial secretary positions (BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!), I just might have to decline.

Because here’s the thing. I have already signed up to be a docent volunteer at the BYU Museum of Art and that sounds WAY more fun, even if I don’t get paid….Also, I am volunteering at the Covey Arts Center starting tomorrow night, ushering people in and THAT sounds way more fun too. Turns out the more I volunteer, the more tickets I get to shows. So pretty much it’s a job, I just get paid in tickets. What’s so bad about this?

Here are more of my questions:

Can I just read and write and paint and volunteer and still be able to buy things? Is it true that I will always love everything that doesn’t have to do with making money? If I do have to work, is it okay that I miss every once in a while? (I get bad migraines and sometimes I just don’t feel like going to work, ya know?)

I have this growing suspicion that I will eventually turn into Edgar Allan Poe: in debt, angry, drunk, writing bad poetry. (Note: I do love his short stories.)

There is one job, however, that I will be on top of the world if I do get it: LIBRARIAN ASSISTANT. It actually comes with a salary and benefits. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT?

Readers, can you pray for me to get this position?


6 Replies to “Job Grunting”

  1. The idea of getting paid to work in a library just seems too incredible, right? I’ll pray.

    I was a volunteer docent at the moa, too. Loved it.

  2. I’ll pray as log as you promise to stop asking interviewers those questions. Even God can’t overcome interview tactics that bad.

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