Sometimes, when I’m looking and applying for jobs and realize again that I have no computer skills, no related work experience, and no real confidence, I feel like a really big loser.


2 Replies to “LOSER!”

  1. So, I have computer skills, related work experience, and some confidence…and when I start looking for jobs elsewhere (ya know, future stuff) I still don’t qualify for anything… in other words, I feel like a loser too. It’s okay. And it’ll work out…eventually. It took Paul a lot time to find his first job after school as well.

  2. Tara! Tara! Tara! You are going to be the greatest thing “that” company has ever hired when they get lucky enough to find you. You know it deep down in and you know that I know it, so be confident. I am not wrong on this one, trust me, they will love you.

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