Like Father, Like Daughter

Today Ryan and I met up for lunch. While we were standing in line (with our gift cards), he kept staring at me, so I said, What?

This is what he told me:

“It’s just, when I look at you, I see your father’s mouth.”


And then, “Sorry, you just look so much like your dad.”


Something about my dad: Every girl he ever dated in middle school, high school, and college was “a knock out,” in his own words. What a stud.


5 Replies to “Like Father, Like Daughter”

  1. Oh, I have one like this. Wait, well nothing is quite “like” this! Ryan, dude – get that thought out of your mind! Blechhh!

    Anyway, your dear cousin Anneli and I went to the Alamo Safeway together to pick something up when she was about 17 and as beautiful as she is now. (17 and with her Dad? I know, weird, huh? Matt doesn’t do that now, unh unh.)

    We got to the check out and this 20 something, dashing checkout guy was making small talk with her while I was getting the thing paid for. I don’t remember if I heard what they were saying but I do remember when they turned to me and something about “yeah, I’m here with my Dad”. He came back with “Oh, yeah, you’ve got his eyebrows.”


    Now the kids will all swear he said “Oh, yeah, you’ve got his eyebrow.” But I’m pretty sure he said brows. Either way, I bet a day hasn’t gone by since then that Anneli hasn’t plucked nearly every eyebrow hair she has to avoid that again. Poor, sweet Anneli.

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