Music is My Nakedness

Does anyone else get embarrassed when someone walks in on you listening to really loud, really weird music? Like this person hears the kind of music you listen to and suddenly he/she sees you for the very first time, and then there you both are:  thrown into a blushing moment of unnatural, undesired intimacy.

For example, I’m at work–Yeah, I got a job. Started last Friday*–and I’m listening to a music playlist. This song, “Healing Waters,” comes on. Okay, this song is a church song, like a hip hop and spiritual song, the kind of song I really never listen to, but randomly do, ya know? So it comes on, of course, at a moment like this, and it’s me and my 40-something year-old male manager, shoulder-to-shoulder, going over work orders, packing slips, and invoices, the “Ohhhh heaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ling waaaaaaaaaaaaa-ters” shouting in our uncomfortably close ears.

“Here, I got this,” I say, and turn down the volume, then blush.

*Secretary job. Got an automatic rejection email for the librarian assistant job. Of course an English major is unqualified to work in the library?


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