Joke is on Me

I’m not sure what I am going to write about right now, I just feel the urgent need to post something new because I no longer want all of you secretly lusting after my merman husband. Yes, although only two of you, Juliana and Dani, admitted to viewing the abominable post, there are still over 250 viewers out there who have seen–and continue to look at–my husband’s body.

Joke’s on me.


Also, I’m just gonna throw this out there:

If I’m called to be the Cub Scout Den Leader for the Bears in my ward (WHATEVER that means), do I have to wear one of those weird scouting shirts? And more importantly, do I have to buy one of those weird scouting shirts for $40? Oh, and are boy scouts allowed to laugh or be laughed at?


6 Replies to “Joke is on Me”

  1. Tara – I’ll face up to viewing your last post. I read/viewed the post with my husband who looked at the computer screen, horrified, and said, “Jami, if you ever posted something like that of me on our blog I think I’d die. . . ” Haha. Maybe he doesn’t remember this post from our first few weeks being married:

    I think it’s fun to post an gem like that every now and then. ;) P.S. That’s insane that you already have over 250 views on that one post. I’m pretty sure my announcement that I was pregnant still hasn’t gotten that many views yet. That’s pretty impressive. Good work. Thanks for the laugh.

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