My Mom is a Freaking Stud

So my mom graduated with a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts, back when that major existed. Now she’s going back to school in Idaho to take the pre reqs for an accelerated Nursing Program. Eventually she wants to get her master’s in either nursing or something related….and then her PhD in Marriage Family Counseling, or something related. She’s still deciding exactly which route she wants to take, but her dream has always been to work in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

So she started school again about three weeks ago and I could tell she was a little overwhelmed by the amount of studying and the amount of online resources she had to bust through through each day. She’s been working her butt off, getting up at 4:00am and studying before all her babies wake up and after they go to bed so she can try to do well in her 16 credits of heavy science courses during the day. GROSS?????? She kept telling me, “My goal is to get all A’s so I can get into that Nursing Program no matter what.” I kept thinking GOOD LUCK, especially with all your anatomy classes and your microbiology and chemistry classes….classes which I’ve heard many of my own friends barf over.

Yesterday, she had her first anatomy test. The test for THE anatomy class that many pre-med students retake to get a good grade in. I checked my phone late last night and she had texted me this:

“I got 100 percent.”




(I called her and we laughed and laughed.)



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