The Boy’s Got a Cane, TO HIS ADVANTAGE:

Some random things about the boys in this video:

Dane Brock, with the cane, was a candidate for Mr. BSH his senior year in high school. For his talent, he wrote a  rock song and had his entire family (including his parents) perform on stage. Even his baby sisters, Lissa and Paige, performed on the egg shakers. He is obviously still writing music (and singing, playing guitar, keyboard, harmonica, tambourine, etc.).

One time, Grant Brock, the tall blond kid, got in trouble in second grade for having a girl sit on his lap in music class. Oh, and another time in elementary school, he got in trouble for eating too many strawberries. When the school secretary called his mom and told her what he had done, his mom replied, “Okay…Tell him to stop eating the strawberries,” which he did. So he took up songwriting and guitar.

Darrik Cheney, the heart throb lead guitarist, loves songs about loving love (even though his heart has been broken–what a romantic…) and staying young like Peter Pan, whom he has been told he looks like. One of his favorite quotes from Peter Pan is “‘Pan, who and what art though?’ he cried huskily. ‘I’m youth, I’m joy,’ Peter answered at a venture, ‘I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.'”

Andy Mockler has been playing drums since he was little, forming bands like Hansen with his siblings. Though he has since parted from his siblings, he has joined the blond Brock brothers, thus, fulfilling his Hansen fantasies. Speaking of fantasies, he’s in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald (what fine taste!) and sometimes wishes he could live in one of Fitzgerald’s roaring novels…perhaps to be Gatsby, but without the loss of Daisy…or the dying.

David Harrison Smith, who is actually not featured in the video because he was apparently sleeping, is the lead keyboardist. In addition to studying Ancient Greek, Latin, German, Finnish, Hungarian, French, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs, he has successfully charmed one of my friends, and unsuccessfully seduced two of my friends. No matter what, he will be the most interesting person you will ever meet.

The Brocks just recorded a new EP Release album and their release party is this Saturday, February 12, 2011 at OZZ at 10:00pm. You can check out some of their new recordings online. “Like” them on facebook, if you like them.

I, personally, love them. I’ll be there Saturday night in my black jeans and red lipstick.


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