Can We Talk About the Typos in My Last Post and Other Awkward Things?

So I got on my blog today and read two typos in my last post? Gross. I will blame the mistakes on the five-year old laptop I was typing on and not on the influence of my husband.  (FYI: I fixed the typos.)

Also, after weeks of denying Facebook friend requests from my bosses, I found out today that my bosses have been secretly reading my blog since I got hired about two months ago.

Here’s how I found out:

Ryan stopped by work today to exchange keys. On his way out, Adam, one of the distant managers who was visiting, said, “Hey, I recognize you from the blog,” which, of course, threw me completely off guard, made me blush out of control red for like a solid hour, especially when I later found out that he recognized Ryan from the Speedo picture I posted like a month ago (which I have now deleted because I have been meaning to for quite some time now*).  Brad, the owner, and Jesse, my manager here in Provo, joined soon after, and they all stood around me and stared at me, confessing that they had been reading my blog. I felt like I was the guilty one.

So the following blog post is dedicated to them, my caught readers:

First, I would like to publicly apologize for lying about your age, Jesse, in this post. I know that you are younger than 40, most likely in your early 30s, but I lied for story effect, although the rest of the story is true (although exaggerated). If you want, I can look up your exact age, your social security number, city of birth, and anything else I can find in our Quickbooks records and reveal them to the entire world. But only if you want. Also: Don’t ever jump out from behind the tanks and scare me again.

Second, I must tell you, Brad and Jesse, I still won’t add you as friends on Facebook, just to have the upper hand and because IT’S WEIRD!!!!!!

Third, although it is unfortunate that I had to find out from Adam that you all read my blog, I am glad that this uncomfortable secret is now out in the open. I started to write a post about work a week ago, but haven’t finished it. Perhaps I’ll finish it and post it soon. Don’t worry, it’s good. You both treat me well (although this new knowledge does make me slightly uncomfortable). Other readers: I will try my best not to monitor my blog, now that I know that my bosses read it.

Fourth, yes, I couldn’t stop blushing today when I found out. This is my way of getting back at you all.


*I published the post of Ryan in his Speedo mostly for the BYU Men’s Volleyball Team because I know they read this blog, especially on trips. Well, that bit me in the butt.


One Reply to “Can We Talk About the Typos in My Last Post and Other Awkward Things?”

  1. How did they even find your blog in the first place? CREEPERS!!! Hahahaha although I just googled your named and this blog DOES come up on the second search page–but who ever scrolls to the second page?! And by the way, Tara’s bosses–BECAUSE I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS COMMENT–you should give Tara a raise. Because she’s awesome.

    Also: To the BYU men’s volleyball team–BECAUSE I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS COMMENT–your game last night against UCSD was ugly.

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