WHOOOA, There!

You know when you make fun of yourself, like, “Yeah, I did the stupidest thing today…”? You know, when you sometimes do that just to admit a funny weakness?

ATTENTION PEOPLE: This is not an opportunity to dish out additional, apparently deep-down, well-thought out simmering criticisms.

In other words, when I make fun of myself for misplacing my keys again!–ha ha ha ha–this does not mean it is now appropriate to tell me, “Well, you’ve always been the really irresponsible type. I wouldn’t trust you to remember anything,”  or “You’ve never been the brightest girl, just sayin’,” or “What did you expect? Your place is a mess. It always is, which is why I never come over here, other than the fact that I think you have way more problems than just misplacing your keys.”

This takes the fun conversation to a whole new bitter level. And let me tell you, the joke will be on you.*


*When you’re burning in hell for your unbridled tongue.


5 Replies to “WHOOOA, There!”

  1. Amen. Though I admit that it’s surprising I can see that mote in anyone else’s eye around the beam in my own eye.

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