After Two Hours in Nursery

This is what little kids are like:

They cry when they miss dad.

They laugh, even while they’re crying, because nothing is so bad that they can’t laugh.

They think the littlest things are the most wonderest things (like bugs and crumbs).

They show you everything (including their pee stains) and tell you everything (including what they ate for breakfast).

They hold your hand when they want you near them.

They touch your face because they’re close enough to reach it.

They close their eyes really tight when they pray and speak really really soft when they pray. (And then, always on cue, they shout Amen!* together)

Everyone eventually becomes their friend, including the broken toys.

They believe your compliments, because why wouldn’t they?

Every cracker means so much to them.

They sing when you sing.

They scream with joy when dad comes back to get them (because they never stopped missing him).


Of course God wants us to be like them!


*”May it be so,” “Verily, truly”


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