Body Cravings

One time, I was feeling really sick for like nine hours. I kept getting these super sharp pangs in my pancreas that kept coming with these waves of clamminess and nausea. Ryan was out of town and I was all by myself and scared and of course, crying, because I always cry when I feel like I’m going to puke (which I did).

I had this craving for fruit. Like my body was literally crying and saying, “You need fruit!!!!!!!!!!” We didn’t have any fruit, but we had fruit juice, so I chugged it down and for the rest of the night, I felt kinda better.*

I was a little freaked out by my pancreas episode, because a week before EXACTLY, I had the same sharp pain and nausea thing that lasted for just as long and I told myself, if it happened again, I would go to the doctor. So the next morning I went to the doctor, who told me he thought I had pancreatitis or constipation. Yes, I’m 22 years old. He said that if eating a bunch of fiber over the weekend didn’t help, to come back, because then I might die (not exactly his words, but I knew what he was saying).

So I ate a ton of fiber. I think it helped? My pain was already gone so I don’t know…. I still feel like I might die suddenly.

Anyway, having made a short story very long because that is a talent of mine, this is what I actually wanted to say:

I believe our bodies know what we need. Which is why I continue to eat popcorn throughout the week, because I crave it all the time.

Ryan told me last week that I could only have one thing** of popcorn a week because he wants me to live past thirty, but I want to tell him: I think my body is trying to tell me something. I mean, it has before.



*My brother Dane also came over to take care of me. (If you click on that link, you can totally see him–he’s the one with the cane–on the YFasion Daily blog–hahahahhahahahaha, how stupid! Sorry, Dane, that they made you look fatter than you really are.)

**One very large bowl of popcorn. (I use olive oil instead of butter, come on!)


2 Replies to “Body Cravings”

  1. I’m so sorry you sick over the weekend! Next time that happens seriously tell us–I’ll go out and buy you fruit, pop you buckets of popcorn, whatever :) There is NOTHING worse than the anticipation of waiting to throw up. NOTHING. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Let us know the next time you’re home alone and need help! :) Love you!

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