The Problem With You Sending Me a Really Funny Email is This:

I will copy it and paste it for everyone to read.

From Lissa:

“I thought I’d share a little story with you……..
Today after school I quickly stuffed all my school books and things into my huge bright pink backpack…..(yes, Paige’s backpack that she had in Kindergarten). I then walked over to the bike rack, where my bike with a basket was waiting for me, and put on my bright baby blue helmet. I mounted my bicycle and started to weave in and out of all the oncoming high school students. My bright baby blue helmet is too big for my head and so it was sliding half backwards and half sideways off my head….. little did all those students know that I was 18 and was about to graduate in 33 school days.”

Lissa, you really do have a tiny head.

Speaking of tiny, my brother Grant sends me a paper of his that he wants me to edit. In the email, he sends me this note:

“By the way, I don’t know how to put in footnotes. Like for my book quotes I need to have little teeny numbers next to them and then cited as a footnote at the bottom of the page.”

Thanks, Grant, for describing what footnotes are…for all of us to enjoy.

Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha, little teeny numbers. Little teeny heads. Reminds me of that one nursery kid who kept calling everything “Baby” and laughing really hard. I, of course, laughed really hard with him.


3 Replies to “The Problem With You Sending Me a Really Funny Email is This:”

  1. Lissa’s head is tiny,her body is tiny but her heart is huge! I also think Grant is awefilly lucky to have a sister who can edit his papers! BUT HE DEFINATELY HAS TO LEARN HOW TO DO Footmotes IN COLLEGE

  2. Hahahahahaha Lissa! The thing is, she probably makes the kindergarten backpack and baby blue, two-sizes-too-big helmet look good. Bring ’em to BYU, Lissa!

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