Boredom and Not Boredom….

I, too, am having a breakdown of boredom.

I go through these halts every once in a while. One time, in elementary school, I started a pig club because I was that bored. We had pig names. It lasted a day or two until I admitted, “Look guys, I know this is stupid.”

My cousin Dani used to prevent many potential boredom breakdowns. She would send me pictures of our dream home we would one day live in…together. We would take turns drawing new rooms–a jungle room, a library, a sauna room, an animal room, a red room, etc.–then mail our additions to one another. Dani insisted that the kitchen be close to the bedroom and that the jungle room be close to the bedroom as well. She also made sure that there was a purple canopy above the bed.

In the summers, I’d go visit her and we would go to outdoor Shakespearean plays in San Francisco. We’d lie on blankets on the grass and eat a lot of grapes and weird cheese and bread, always bread, until the sun went down.

We used to act out poems, “S is for…SALAD,” with our bodies [this is how you shape your body into an S].

She used to say, “Here, read this book.” And I would because she always knew the best books. Like that one time she told me to try a murder mystery she really liked. I read that book all day long for like three days. After that, I went through a mystery phase and read every mystery book I could find at the library. That phase lasted for years. Dani, what should I read next?

She and her sister Anneli used to create these grand productions for all us cousins to be a part of. They would dress me up and tell me I was the star of the show (because they knew that was what I wanted–what I needed).

Every New Years’ Eve we would eat a lot of more bread and bang pans and yell stuff at our neighbors.

One time we all dressed up in these big dresses and had a tea party and danced around our chairs.

I used to cry when she would leave.* So she made me an email: I was really “n2” singing then.

Dani’s a mom now. I am jealous of her baby.

*One time Dani, Anneli, and I wrote a song. Correction: I didn’t write any of it, they just made me think I was contributing. I remember Anneli writing the piano part (she was very good at piano) and Dani writing the lyrics (she was very good with words) and I remember thinking, WHY can’t I think of anything for this song!?

Anyway, one of the verses of that song went like this:

Even though we’re far apart, we’re still together in our hearts.

Even though we’re miles away, we think of cousins every day.

With our cousins’ laughter heard, even when the joke’s absurd . . .

Forever . . . .

After Christmas vacation, after all my California cousins piled into my uncle’s car at 4:30 in the morning, I cried in bed singing that verse over and over again.


4 Replies to “Boredom and Not Boredom….”

  1. OH! I forgot about the “joke’s absurd” line!
    You forgot to mention that when we were doing the big dress dance, someone was standing in the loft filming, and later we watched it and realized that you were staring at the camera WAY more than you should have been. Like, even when your back was to the camera, you looked over your shoulder with this very solemn look on your face.
    Thanks for this, Tara, I love you. I want our babies to grow up together.
    If you are in the mood for a mystery, read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. This is not high literature, but it is mysterious and, I thought, gripping.

    1. I want our babies to grow up together. And I want my babies to sleep and eat at the same time too.

      Ps. My mom bought me that book last year!!!! It’s so gothic, which I love.

  2. Just read this. Had no idea all you guys were up to! Sounds like a secret club that I wasn’t invited to. Glad you guys were a part of it. I would love to see all your babies at my house together one day!!! I’ll spoil them rotten!!!!

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