I’m So in Love Today

. . . with the clear skies, Steven Tyler’s voice and wardrobe, my upcoming birthday eve party (tonight), the chocolate truffles waiting in my fridge . . . .

my birthday tomorrow . . .

When I feel very in love I feel like dancing to Beast of Burden.* It’s such a sexy, sexy song.

*at Ryan’s (and perhaps everyone’s) disapproval. But I like Mick Jagger . . . even if “You’re So Vain” really was written about him. Especially if You’re So Vain was written about him.


2 Replies to “I’m So in Love Today”

  1. Isn’t it common knowledge that “Beast of Burden” is the ultimate sexy song? And NOBODY but Mick Jagger can sing it. Feel no shame, sister. Feel. no. shame.

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