A Birthday Tale

About three years ago, my friend Josh Bromley and I decided to throw a birthday party together because we have the same birthday and we like a lot of similar things, which made us great friends. (He’s at law school now and I am grateful good people like him are going to be lawyers.)

Anyway. I was very excited about this. We were going to have a bonfire or something.

But then Josh’s appendix almost burst and he had to go to the hospital. And then I had to go to the hospital and visit him and yes, it was rough on both of our birthdays.

Later that night some friends took me out to dinner and then for motorcycle rides up in the hills. It ended up being really fun.

Anyway. That is the story of my almost bad birthday. I’ve never had a bad birthday.

Poor Josh, though. He didn’t get any presents. Instead, he gave his appendix up to God. But then again, it’s not like anything of ours is really our own to give anyway.

(Happy Birthday, Josh. Happy Birthday, me.)


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