Beginning Our Netflix Adventure

So Ryan and I decided to try out Netflix because we are big and bold. Because Ryan has been cooking a lot lately (he has decided his new hobby is cooking and being the supportive wife that I am, I have really encouraged this ;) ;) ;) ), I told him to go ahead, to choose the first movie we rent from this Netflix.

You want to know what movie he chose?

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Interesting . . .

So I got an email saying that The Nightmare Before Christmas will arrive today, Monday, May 23rd.

“Oh, good.” I thought. But I was lying to myself.

I forwarded the email to Ryan so he could have some good news at his really long and boring job. He was so excited. He said, “I have prayed for it to come today” and then entered a little smiley :). Then he said, “Do you want to watch that tonihgt>?” (typos included).

Well, this was all really endearing. So I said, “Yes, I will watch it. Did you really pray for it to come?” I had to wait a little while for him to do some work things in between.

Then he said, “In my heart I did but on my knees I didn’t.”

The thing is, every prayer counts. Unfortunately.


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