Featuring Guest Writer: Ammon Cleve Brock

My brother Ammon’s 5th grade English assignment:

I was born a baby. I grew to be a toddler, then a regular child, and finally, an adult. My life sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it!

As a baby, I had no idea what was happening in life, I was just eating, sleeping and barfing. I have no memory of my infancy, but my parents tell me I was born in Bend, Oregon. I was born the youngest of six kids. I am the youngest of my whole family, including my cousins.

When I grew to be a toddler, I tried out for kinder garden, and the teacher said I should probably skip it and go to first grade, but I decided not to. I played four-year-old basketball and was named M.V.P.(It was probably because you didn’t have to dribble, and I could dunk it on the little baby hoop.)

During my childhood, I was always the handsomest, smartest, and most athletic kid around. It was during this time, I was being the best at two-hand-touch football. As I was playing the position of quarterback (at recess), I was getting ready to throw a touchdown pass when the ball slipped out of my hand. It flew and resulted in an interception. I was shocked and disappointed with my failure, so I was busting my brains out to intercept it back. Finally, when I saw the chance I dove towards the ball, with my tongue sticking out with concentration I grabbed the ball as I was parallel to the ground! I fell and landed on someone’s knee, causing me to bite half way through my tongue. With blood gashing out of my mouth, I dropped the ball. It was an epic failure!

In my teenager stage, I broke four different state records in track. I was thinking about going to Brigham Young University, when I broke my leg. The doctor said I completely cracked it in half and I would never be able to participate in track and field again. I decided to pusue a career in music instead of athletics. I began to write songs and I really enjoyed it.

I graduated college as a music major, with my wife, Sarah, and I lived a happy, peaceful life.

As you can see, my life is pretty exiting! I was a baby, child, and adult!

Ammon Cleve Brock currently resides in Meridian, Idaho. Being the only Brock child who doesn’t get annoyed of things and can sit down and talk to anyone of any age, he is everybody’s favorite.


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