I Just Did Something Kind of Spontaneous.

I consider my personality spontaneous.  My interests, my ideas, my moods–all spontaneous, yes. I don’t think spontaneity is good or bad, it just is. But when it comes to expenses, I am not a spontaneous person. As in I budget and think everything through for a long time before I do anything.

Last month was my birthday and I’ve been wracking my brains about what to get myself because I’ve got all this birthday money. And instead of saving it all like I always do, I decided to take Grandma Tanner’s and Grandma Boyce’s advice and spend it on something I would enjoy.

So last week I bought a dress. And then I saw another dress that was cheap and so adorable and way too hippie but perfect for summer and I bought that one too. This was great. But still, I wanted to do something grand with my money.

I looked at cameras. I looked at cell phones. BORING (and too much). I looked at some other things. BORING. PREDICTABLE.

Well, today at work, I looked at some more things like the weather. In the 70s and 80s this weekend in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

I panicked. I got so excited and nervous and looked at hotel rooms and suites and knew that I had to make a decision and make one quick. I called this place. They had a tonight only special. Two rooms left. (Hot springs tub in the room.) I said okay okay, hold on. I called Ryan. He said yes (he was surprised). But I was at work and had to do some things in between. The whole time I was very nervous.

Finally, I called back. One of the rooms was already taken so I said, “I’ll take the other! I’LL TAKE THE OTHER!” And I did! I did!

This is a big deal because we leave in two hours, after work. I haven’t showered today. I smell like metals and dirt. I haven’t packed. I haven’t cleaned. And I was actually going to start a garden tomorrow. I was going to play in a Softball game too. I was going to go to a baptism–a BAPTISM.


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