I Am Not the World’s Greatest Secretary.

I refuse to be.

For example:

Today I emailed one of our customers all these invoices that he asked me to send him because he was missing them. This company is the only company that requires us to print invoices and deliver them. Normally we email invoices. Well, this company always loses their invoices and then emails me to send them the invoices again. Not a problem, just kind of…pathetic?

So I emailed this customer all the invoices he was missing–there were like 50 of them.

He emailed me back the following:


Please mail any new invoices in the future.  I don’t have the time to sort through and print out all the invoices you emailed.  I had asked for just the invoices we didn’t have to be emailed. 


Well, this annoyed me because I did only email him the invoices he asked for–did he forget how many there were? Did he forget that I don’t necessarily care if he doesn’t have time to do his job because that would mean I would have to do his job? So I emailed back:


I emailed you only the invoices you requested. We do print off invoices and deliver them to your secretary to give to you. I apologize if they get lost in the transition and that you do not receive them.


Am I actually sorry about anything? No.

Am I aware that customers are supposed to always be right? Yes. But they’re not. In fact, they’re often lazy and stupid. Not necessarily my problem.

Also, I wrote this post while at work.


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