I’ve Never Understood How Some People Can Eat Just One

Unlike all the ladies in the room, when the relief society candy basket got to me, I didn’t take just one candy. I grabbed a yellow Starburst, a purple Starburst, Oooh, another yellow Starburst, and while I was reaching to grab a chocolate Kiss, I looked up and saw my visiting teaching companion staring at me from the front. So I took the Kiss and passed the basket.

Heather, I would have taken more chocolate Kisses if you hadn’t been spying on me.

Ps. After Sacrament Meeting, I convinced the primary kids to give me one of the white chocolate dipped Oreos they were giving out to all the dads for Father’s Day. I love Sundays! I love Father’s Day!


2 Replies to “I’ve Never Understood How Some People Can Eat Just One”

  1. Tara,
    Those were eyes of jealousy. Those brightly colored starburst wrappers, the foil on the kiss catching the florescent light. I couldn’t pull my eyes away! And I laughed because I’d recognized a kindred spirit.

    In Sunday School I sit on the front row and since we’re in the chapel, the high backs of the pew acts as my shield, my protector as I . . . take a petite handful of chocolates every week.
    Your Sister in Sabbath Day Gluttony,
    Heather :)

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