This is Dedicated to the One I Love: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ryan and I made chocolate chip cookies on Sunday as we often do. I thought, “I’d like to know about the woman who invented these cookies and worship her.”

Ryan looked her up on Wikipedia. Ruth Graves Wakefield. We found out she and her husband owned an Inn where she served two servings of homemade meals to each lodger, one serving to eat in the diner, one serving to take home. She also sent a bag of homemade cookies home with them. These were her famous chocolate chip cookies. Oh, Ruth!

We thought, Man, if only she were still here, we would stay at the Toll House Inn every night, laughing and talking and she would think Ryan’s jokes were so funny, she would give us TWO bags of her take-home cookies. Oh, Ruth!

While we were reading her history on Wikipedia, we discovered this Website and looked up her grave. Oh, Ruth :( I thought if we ever passed her grave, we could leave chocolate chip cookies. They wouldn’t be as good as hers, but they would be something.

Ryan said that when he is dead and buried, he wants a gumball machine on his grave. I thought that was interesting.

He said, “So when my kids and grandkids come see me, they can have a gumball. I can put a smile on their faces.”

Notice how he said “my kids”? I didn’t want to read too much into this, but . . . Seriously, Ryan? They’re my kids too.

Then we looked up a bunch of more graves, including my grandma and grandpa’s. Then I felt sad because I missed them. I can’t wait until we all die and are together again.

Ryan hates it when I say I can’t wait until I’m dead. But maybe, in death, you can eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you want without feeling sick.


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