A+ at the Doctor’s

So I went to the Doctor’s yesterday to renew a birth control subscription. Yes, I had to pay $20 to renew a subscription. Funny how that works. Couldn’t we have done this over the phone?

While I was waiting for the doctor, the nurse put this thing on my finger. I waited for a few seconds. Then she took it off and exclaimed, “Wow!”

I said, “What?”

“I’ve never seen 100 before.”

“What do you mean?”

She said, “The highest I’ve ever seen was 99. Ever.”

I still didn’t know what the numbers meant, so I asked again nervously/excitedly: “So what does 100 mean? 100 what?”

“Your oxygen level is 100.”

“And what does that mean?”

“That all your blood cells are perfect.”

Really, nurse? Really? This got me so excited. I’ve never been perfect at anything before. It must be my biking. Thank you, bike!

“Nurse, can you write this down and sign it so I can show my husband?”

She didn’t, but I’ve got the records to prove it.


The $20? Totally worth it.


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