I May or May Not Have Cried

1) When I asked one of our workers how much longer he was going to work with us. The owner had to fire him because apparently, he’s illegal. I’ve felt sick about this for days so in really crappy/made up Spanish, I told him he could stay in our home if he necessita ayuda and he hugged me to comfort me.

2) When Juliana Thong posted this picture on my Facebook wall:

Is the human body art? Is this human family naked on top of each other art?

3) When I remembered that Juliana Thong is graduating in three weeks and moving away.

4) When I saw a picture of my little brother on a mission.

5) When I thought about a mean thing I said yesterday.

6) When I hit my head against the corner of the freezer door after picking up an otter pop that had fallen on the ground. First I screamed, then I rubbed the egg growing on my head, then I cried literally like a baby, then I took a nap for two hours because the pain was just too much.

In the words of Ron Weasley, “What the bloody hell was that all about?”


6 Replies to “I May or May Not Have Cried”

  1. That naked picture is both disturbing and intriguing. I’d really like to talk with them about their life philosophies . . .I’m sure it would be different than ANYTHING I’ve ever been exposed to. Another excellent post, Tara! :)

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