Sometimes the words I know are not enough to tell you how I love you.

So I’m thinking of minoring in Spanish. I hope they let me.

I could write you the lyrics to this song all on my own, without copying and pasting:

Me acompaña
Por la noche
Hasta la mañana

Hay un mundo más allá
Otro mundo más allá

and tell you what they mean to me: that even though this world can be really mean and sometimes we both start to get lost in it, there is another world with so much more to hold onto. We can have it right here, you and me, if we keep reaching for it.

We could run off to South America, too, and raise our babies in the sun. (I hope their eyes are green like yours and that their hair curls around their ears in the mornings.)

Or we could stay here, too. Wherever you are I will be too.


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