One time a giant group of friends and I were playing this stupid question game. “Out of everyone in the room, who do you think would . . .

be the best kisser?”

be the best date?”

be the best lover?”

etc, etc.

Me? I was voted to be the best mom.

They said, “Although we’d never date you or kiss you, we want you to raise our kids.”

Which reminds me.

In the occasional moments when I start to feel down about myself, I remind myself of that one time in middle school Jazz choir when I won best personality, best sense of humor, and most athletic (Yes, that was the second year I won districts for high jump. Yes, those were the glory days.).

I still hold onto that. I have to.


6 Replies to “WINNER!”

      1. So I just looked into it. I guess wordpress is adding ads now to make features free. Supposedly I have to pay to get the ads off. I will see how I can CHANGE THIS. Thanks for telling me.

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