“Indeed you ought not think that our creator would purposely make half the whole race imperfect and,

as it were, mutilated, unless there was to be some great advantage in such a mutilation.” – Galen, speaking of women–of course.

Hahahah reading about views of women before the eighteenth century. Highly entertaining.

Can’t wait to hear all the feminists in my class react to this one:

“[woman] you live here on earth as the world’s most imperfect creature: the scum of nature, the cause of misfortune, the source of quarrels, the toy of the foolish, the plague of the wise, the stirrer of hell, the tinder of vice, the guardian of excrement, a monster in nature, an evil necessity, a multiple chimera, a sorry pleasure, Devil’s bait, the enemy of angels” – Anonymous, An Alphabet of Women’s Imperfections (1662).

Hey, whoever this is has got a point: women can definitely be stirrers of hell, you know, when you piss us off.


2 Replies to ““Indeed you ought not think that our creator would purposely make half the whole race imperfect and,”

  1. Tara,

    The only problem I see with this post is that it was written at all. Even though what you are saying about women in this post IS COMPLETELY true, don’t you know women aren’t supposed to read, or think, or go to class, or have ideas of their own?! (Let alone blog about them!) http://youtu.be/LS37SNYjg8w You tread in dangerous territory with this one. And I’ve certainly overstepped my feminine bounds in commenting. I’m off to find a soft furry kitten to pet. You should do the same.

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