For that Soul Mate Friend: The Number Two

Perhaps because it was your birthday, I ate two chocolate chip cookies.

Then I ate two pieces of banana bread with frosting.

Then I ate two See’s chocolates. (You bought me a See’s gift card for my birthday–then put it under my birthday tree.)

Then I ate two Starbursts and thought about how weird it was that I ate so many twos today. And how weird it was when we first met over five years ago in Taylor Hall and realized: Wow, there is someone else in the world just like me.

So here’s a toast to the girl who loves cinnamon gum and diet vanilla coke and always, always John Lennon: May we always share our love of Keane, the Beatles, America, DI sweaters, Spider from School of Rock, Ursula’s “Body language,” and Beauty and the Beast‘s “I need six eggs!!!” and “THEN GO AHEAD AND STARVE!!”; the Cheesecake Factory, the Pink Floyd Laser show, Lava Hot Springs, that one boy we both kissed, that one scene in Incredibles where the baby runs really fast, and all those baby pictures of you with food all over your face:

It’s so good to know you and love so, so, so many things with you.


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