(Today’s a Better Day)

Tonight the Brocks are reuniting on the basketball court.

INTRAMURAL TEAM: The Unfredettables

Me. Lissa. Grant. Dane, unfortunately, can’t play because of his leg (remember he got hit by a boat?). Maybe he’ll come and watch though. (Paige and Ammon are still in Idaho–BOO!!)

I texted the team this morning, “Today’s the big day!!!!”

Lissa texted back, “Hahaha I’m excited.” I said, “I’m nervous about my bones. They already hurt.” Lissa said, “I have complete confidence in your body.” LIAR!

Grant texted back, “Game day?”  I said, “Yes.” He said, “We are going to annihilate everyone.”

This is going to be funny. Because 1) it’s co-ed basketball and Grant really will annihilate everyone, including 90 lbs girls, and 2) as I said in my Facebook status yesterday, I went running for 16 minutes yesterday and three minutes into it, I got a side ache, then walked for a little bit. So really, I went running/a lot of walking in between for 16 minutes.

Whatever. I got it. WE got it.


2 Replies to “(Today’s a Better Day)”

  1. Hey, if you find your team is in need of more old fat men, then invite me to play with you. My favor move is the “blind pick,” executed by getting behind some young hot shot who has no idea that I’m there and having him run into me at full speed. I know, limited value. But it uses my skills well.

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