“We are winners”

texts my mom this morning.

Then she calls me, “Did you get my text? We are winners! I would have typed in an exclamation mark but I don’t know how to find it on my phone.”

We’re both done with our semesters of hell. She with her 4.0 (again), me with . . . I’m not sure yet, but of course I don’t care. We’re done! We’re done! AND WE’RE ALL WINNERS! Which reminds me . . . .



(Ps. My mom got accepted into the Boise State Nursing Program. She starts in January.)



3 Replies to ““We are winners””

  1. I am totally stalking your blog! A) Because it is hilarious and I find you a great distraction from homework…and B) Because I know your parents really well. Your Dad was my Bishop in Redmond. I am VERY curious to see how you mom is liking the Boise nursing program. I am applying for nursing schools…..I have just completed 2 years of school….looking to get my Bachelors in Science in nursing. Transferring to Linfield in Fall but my daughter who lives in Boise is begging me to check out Boise State….I am NOT a 4.0 student though….holding steady at a 3.7….How is Disa doing??

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