Fields of Gold, Field of Dreams, What’s the Diff?

So I really shouldn’t be writing this. But I have about fifteen minutes before “THE ANNUAL BLUE AND GOLD CUB SCOUT BANQUET” tonight. My cubs are performing a very interesting skit (robots included) and I must be there to direct them.

Last night Ryan said to me that he thought I thought too much about things. “Just live life,” he said. Great point. But the problem is: thinking is so much of my life and it’s great. I mean, for one, I’m studying rhetoric and argumentation and so much of what we study is how to understand others’ ideas and how to communicate our own ideas to others. (Or for you rhetoricians reading this blog: HOW DO WE GET ON THE SAME PAGE???)

So, of course my reaction to Ryan’s comment is to think about very non-important things and then take the time to blog about them. Case in point:

My friend posted this, which got me remembering. (Sorry Sam, every time I try to post a comment on your blog, the Word Verification ruins everything for me and I give up.)

When I was little, my dad used to play us Sting’s (original) version of “Fields of Gold” right after it first came out in 1993:

For a few days of my five-year-old life, I’d sing this song to myself over and over in bed. Sometimes before I fell asleep. Sometimes right after waking up. While singing these lyrics, I’d imagine Kevin Costner walking in Fields of Gold.

Today I find myself wondering/freaking out about this–why Kevin Costner? (Anyone see him act in Message in a Bottle? L-O-L??? Anyone see him act in anything?) I didn’t have a crush on him. I didn’t yet have crushes (I needed another year). So why, why Kevin Costner?

Now I realize. The title of the song and the title of one of my favorite movies . . . well. Well:

Field of Dreams, Fields of Gold. Makes sense.

I feel much relief understanding not only the Kevin Costner fixation, but that my five-year-old subconscious mind was capable of such profound associative thinking. I could go into a deeply meditative post about the subconscious and association and fantasy thinking and blah blah blah. But I think I’ll just leave it at that.


6 Replies to “Fields of Gold, Field of Dreams, What’s the Diff?”

  1. I love Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. And Message in a Bottle. And For Love of the Game. And The Bodyguard. The War was okay-ish. Waterworld was awful. I haven’t seen Dances With Wolves. I don’t think it’s a crush, exactly, but I definitely find something about his characters appealing. :)

    That’s all.

  2. This post is funny. I don’t know that much about Kevin Costner movies, per se, but I liked what this turned into. But I had to say that my hubby tells me I think/worry about stuff way too much as well. I’d like to think that thinking is my actual career though, so I have a problem with that. Because I like to think over stuff until I can’t anymore. So.

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