And the Thing is Posted!

My revised essay, “On Behalf of Love,” has now been published on The Write Practice. You can view it here.

A very sincere thanks goes to Joe Bunting, who worked patiently with me and my very busy schedule over the past couple of weeks. His many edits and questions helped me to expand and articulate my thoughts to better say what I wanted to say (and in a way that hopefully made better sense). Editors can be a pain, but Joe was a blessing.

For those of you interested in practicing and sharing your writing, The Write Practice is a site that provides prompts and tips for writing, as well as a community for feedback. This past year it was voted one of the top ten blogs for writers. Check it out–like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter. Definitely worth your time.


2 Replies to “And the Thing is Posted!”

    1. Carey, what an honor. Ryan told you last night that we read your poem. We loved it and we love you. Still waiting for you to come back to Provo…

      Ps. One of my writing students, Ben Taylor, served in Spain with Ryan. Do you remember him? I’ll have to ask him if he knew you. (Ryan says everyone knew you…)

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