Tonight I Feel Political

So I tweeted President Obama and asked him (as you can see on the right column of my blog, in the now updated Twitter feed) if he is really the one tweeting his tweets. I’m interested in his reply.

Also, my friend and somewhat neighbor, Heather, attended our district’s caucus meeting. We did not sit by each other since we arrived at different times. However, during the ordeal, I texted her, threatening to nominate her for county treasurer. She texted me later saying, “And I would have motioned to institute a county dance commissioner for which I would like to nominate Mrs. Tara T. Boyce.” I told her I would have declined her nomination. No offense.

This was all very, very funny to me. Although I do want to say something serious:

Tonight, many members of the audience attempted to motion actions that would speed up the whole process, including voting by “Yay” or “Nay” or whatever they call it (there is a word for it, but I’m still figuring out what caucus means) rather than by ballot. Because everyone wanted to go home. A state representative was present and spoke up. She reminded us that we are not only required to by law, but also have the right to a secret ballot. Because you know, people can feel pressured. I was so glad she spoke up and with such conviction because I felt that everything wasn’t right, but I didn’t know why or how because I barely know anything.

Anyway. The whole ordeal got me thinking about big groups and how stupid they can be and how powerful they are. The whole yay or nay thing bothered me because of how easy it is for your voice not to be heard. When everyone’s yelling yay, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable to call out by yourself, “NAY!” The woman who spoke up in opposition, though, I loved her because she proved to me that one voice matters too. She also proved to me that there’s so much I don’t know about my own district and county and state and country and what I can do about them. I am determined to learn more because I want to be able to do more–maybe someday “Nay” the crap out of everyone and give some legitimate reasons why.


6 Replies to “Tonight I Feel Political”

  1. You could have been so good as the Country Dance Commissioner (CDC). Maybe you would have lifted the ban on blasting Will Smith tunes or petitioned to removed bumps in the grass so we could dance outside without the unconstitutional threat of twisting an ankle. You would have been so good. So good. For a moment my future was bright.

    And if we could have voted by yea-nay, my “yea” would have sounded like this: “yay-uh!”

    1. This is so, so, so, so good.YAY-UHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

      You are hilarious. Never, ever attend another precinct-02 caucus without sitting by me again.

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