I Believe in Them.

Meet my brothers:

Some things about them:

  • They never forget my birthday.
  • They have the loudest and best laughs in the world.
  • They pinch each other’s butts.
  • They take the whole “Let your light shine before men” quite literally:
  • They call themselves The Brocks and they were born to create “freaking awesome” music. Now they want to share it with the whole world.
  • They’ve just released their new album on iTunes, which will leave you shivering and shimmering all over.
If you looked at my iTunes plays, you would know that I am their biggest fan and that I believe in them. If you believe in them too, share this message. If you want to believe in them because they’re cool looking, check out their stuff (by clicking on the above links) and you will.

2 Replies to “I Believe in Them.”

  1. That’s brilliant. I will purchase the album as soon as I have the funds (i.e. when I get back from Merry Ol’ England.”

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