You Know When You Feel Like Changing the World?

Yeah, I’m in one of those moods again.

You know, the feeling like “I’m meant to do something,” but then you don’t know what, and then you’re not sure if you’re making it up or if it’s real, but you feel it, so you choose to believe it, and then you remember the importance of every person and the importance of all the small things too, and then you think, “Is that just an excuse for not working for something bigger?” or are the small things big things? But what about the actual actual big things that you don’t want to do but should do because they’re the right things to do and someone’s gotta do them for the right reasons and what if that’s you? BIG BREATH.

Yeah, in one of those moods again. You know?



5 Replies to “You Know When You Feel Like Changing the World?”

  1. I know. I can completely relate. I have felt that way exactly. I guess we have to do the small things. And the big things too. Wherever we find them. Good luck (to us all!!).

      1. For some reason I was just reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the new “Daughters in His Kingdom” book. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too…

        “Do you see that our sphere is increasing? Our sphere will continually widen, and no woman in Zion need(s) to mourn because her sphere is too narrow. God bless you, my sisters, and encourage you, that you may be filled with light, and realize that you have no interests but in the welfare of Zion. Let your first business be to perform your duties at home. But, inasmuch as you are wise stewards, you will find time for social duties, because these are incumbent upon us as daughters and mothers in Zion. By seeking to perform every duty you will find that your capacity will increase, and you will be astonished at what you can accomplish.” Eliza R. Snow (pg. 57-59)

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