When Playing Basketball with My Cub Scouts. . .

Sometimes they’ll throw basketballs at my face “on accident.” I know it’s because they get jealous that I win Knock Out all the time.

I tell my nine-year-old cub scouts to quit whining and then sneakily wipe away the tears gathering in the corners of my eyes. (Have you ever been hit with a basketball in your nose? Hurts like hell.)

“But you’re so tall,” they say to me. “It’s not fair!”  (The truth is I’m not tall. I’m only 5’6 and three-quarters.)

“I thought the scout motto was to do your best and QUIT COMPLAINING,” I say as I knock a ball as hard as I can and clear across the court. I watch the ball roll down the hill and into the parking lot.

“O’DOYLE RULES!” I yell after winning another round. They’re too young to get the movie reference, but my co-den leader gets it and smiles at me.

Then Ben, who always gets out first, says to me, “Hey. You’re pretty good. She’s pretty good, guys.”

I smile. I say, “That’s right, Ben. And don’t you ever forget that.”*

*My attempt to improve their perceptions of women in sports and women in general.


2 Replies to “When Playing Basketball with My Cub Scouts. . .”

  1. I bet your the best den leader ever! I watched Billy Madison in the hospital room while recovering after my C-section with Emery…lets just say it wasn’t a good choice…big laughs after getting your abdomen sliced hurts like hell (much like getting hit in the nose) O’DOYLE RULES! and my wife the dirty dirty tramp.

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