Favorite Lines Ever:

“He loved the woman and he wanted her to be alive for her sake. A theme favored by Saint Augustine was that to love anything (as God loved us in his view) is to want it to be.

I have always thought this to be one of the most profound of metaphysical insights because it connects objective reality and objective worth: to love something, anything, is to want it to be real.”

Robert Kane, from Through the Moral Maze

Who woulda thought that theory could be so . . . what’s the word for this? Like, I want, I want! to love like that.




4 Replies to “Favorite Lines Ever:”

  1. First, I’m stealing that. Thank you.

    Second, Marilynne Robinson has an essay (I can’t remember which one, off the top of my head, but if you’re interested I’ll find it for you) where she talks about sort of the same thing, only she’s talking about being remembered after death. That’s what this quote of yours made me think of.

    Also, it made my night a little happier.

    And, since I can’t be too uplifting for too long… do you suppose the opposite is true? That the logical endpoint of hate is to want something to not exist? Maybe not… but I wonder.

    Tara… you’re a favorite. :)

    1. Yes, I want that essay. Is this a hard copy? Or email copy? And, haha, no one can be too uplifting for too long. I do think that would sum up hate. Crap. I hate a lot of things. HOW DOES ONE GET RID OF HATE??

    1. So my best friend texted me about this post yesterday too and this is what I’ve concluded: I find it interesting that the people who adore this quote are the people I think are really good at love. Glad you enjoyed this :)

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