How to Describe . . . “That Thing”?

I’m in the kitchen stirring some oatmeal when Ryan yells out to me from the family room, “Can you grab me that Aleve box?”

Not sure what he means by this box, I yell back, “What box?”

“I mean that Aleve can,” Ryan yells.

Still not sure what he means by “can,” but understanding that Aleve is a medicine Ryan has been taking for his shin splints, I yell back, “You mean the Aleve bottle?????!??!?!?”

Ryan laughs. I laugh very hard, then write this post immediately.

This all reminds me of my upset mother, yelling at us when we were younger: “Stop it, Dane! I mean Grant! I mean Lissa! I mean Nemo! I mean Tara!!!! STOP IT, TARA!”

The moment you call a bottle a box, or your daughter “Nemo,” which is the name of the family cat, you’ve lost a lot, if not all, credibility.



4 Replies to “How to Describe . . . “That Thing”?”

  1. My mom solved the problem in a different way. She would just yell, “MakaylaDakotaScottJessalieChristopher!” regardless of who was in trouble.

    Also, my stepmom, who speaks English as a second language, once came downstairs and said to me, “Will you get that thing from the thing and put it in the thing?” I was baffled, to say the least, especially because I was only twelve, and had no concept of why she was saying it to me that way. :)

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