A List of What I Think My Husband’s New Year’s Resolutions Should Be

So apparently it’s kinda late for discussing New Year’s resolutions. Let it comfort you that I now resolute (made up verb form) to make resolutions by the first day of the new year. (Or is it the last day of the year?)

However, they say every day is a new day, and consequently, a new year. In this case, I would like to share some resolutions Ryan didn’t necessarily make, though I wish he had:

1. Rub my wife’s feet every evening before she goes to bed and tell her that she doesn’t need pedicures because her feet are not yellow and dry, but beautiful.

2. Rub my sweet wife’s back during Sacrament meeting–instead of ignoring her blatant shimmyings that signal she wants her back rubbed.

3. Instead of getting annoyed by these shimmyings, become endeared by all her darling needs and wants.

4. Rub her back for more than three seconds.

5. Rub her back like her mother rubs her back. Less rub, more “chills.” Soft strokes. Don’t be afraid to use my nails.

6. Be better than her own mother at rubbing her back and claim “THE BEST BACK RUBBER” award.

7. Frame “THE BEST BACK RUBBER” award and hang it over the bed to remind me to rub her back again, as she falls asleep, after rubbing her beautiful feet.

8. Rub her head, after rubbing her feet and back. To help her headaches.

9. Try not to be annoyed of how she always has headaches when the dishes, bathrooms, laundry, etc. need to be cleaned. Learn to trust her more.

10. Do all these things, without wanting any rubbing in return.


I anticipate a good year ahead of us. I really do.







4 Replies to “A List of What I Think My Husband’s New Year’s Resolutions Should Be”

  1. if Ryan. did all those things for you, he’d be the perfect husband there is no such thing as a perfect husband or I’m I wrong Ryan is a perfect husband? hiws his anckle doing? ok?

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