Hello. And Welcome.

Welcome to Womormonings, a blog created by a woman, Mormon, wife of one (Mormon joke that’s not actually funny?), mother of two girls, teacher, rhetorician, and re-emerging-after-too-many-silent-years-of-pondering writer about all things woman and Mormon.

I teach writing and argumentation at BYU. Previously, I studied rhetoric and composition as a grad student, and literature and creative writing as an undergraduate student. I’m what you’d call a progressive Mormon living in a conservative state and a Mormon conservative family. Though I tend toward moderate views, I appreciate the radical ideas of others that push further consciousness through discussion and debate and argumentation. But for me, perhaps as a result of studying rhetoric, the way I live and think compels me toward moderation: I have this learned habit of practicing empathy for every side, while simultaneously annoyingly challenging any viewpoint, even those with which I agree. I also like to laugh amidst serious thought. I can only hold a straight face for so long.


Hence, this blog.

I epiphanize with God and then squalor in confusion. I make up my own verbs because language evolves anyway.

Basically, I’ve gotta share these thoughts and I’m finally ready. I’m turning 30 this year and I’m just starting to feel a little shout-y.


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